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FS Quality

FS Quality provides support to improve quality and compliance.

  • Sharing ands tandardization of governing documents
  • Active use of requirements in task execution
  • Task support throughout the improvement process
  • Generic improvement process
  • Process support for action plan and follow-up of measures
  • Proactive rather than reactive improvement efforts 



Facilitating active sharing and standardization

Governing documents are stored structured and classi ed to ensure optimal viewing and retrieval of documents through good searchability by document type, topic category and organizational af liation, as well as free text. Each document is stored only once, but can be linked to multiple organizational units. This will facilitate active sharing and reuse of documents, and incite best practices and standardization over time. Document contents are stored as structured data where requirement elements can be marked separately, so that they can be retrieved and further used actively in the improvement processes.


Proactive rather than reactive improvement work

Quality and improvement work in Norwegian hospitals today focuses strongly on deviation reporting and monitoring of adverse events, supervision and audits. This is a reactive way of working - by conducting causal analysis and implementation of improvement measures after the damage has occurred. Through separate processes for compliance evaluation, established business practice is assessed against the company requirements. This is proactive improvement work, identifying non-compliance of requirements, degree of risk connected to the requirement breach, and which measures should be taken to ensure compliance. 


Process support for action plan and follow-up of measures

Measures resulting from the improvement processes are linked to speci c requirements for the business area in question. By gathering measures in action plans for a given business area, an overall overview of planned and implemented measures is achieved. This is further included as documentation of compliance with the organization ́s governing requirements. 

The health care services face great challenges in preventing errors and adverse events which reduce patient safety. There is a huge amount of reports on severe adverse events, and about 40% is related to inadequate compliance with requirements and procedures, annually representing a great social cost. The challenges in quality and patient safety efforts could be caused by many factors, including lack of requirements overview and poor systematics in task execution in the improvement work. Computas offers a quality system for the future. This is an innovative solution that allows you to work with structured and continuous improvements through requirements identification, risk analysis and compliance assessment. 


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