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Google Cloud

Innovation happens faster. The only limit is your imagination. How far do you want to reach?

It is a fact that the pace of innovation is accelerating, and increasing demands for digitization are made. While organizations must invest in innovation, reduced operations and management cost is required. Such a transformation is impossible to achieve if one chooses to work as before. 

Google and Computas have established a unique partnership and work together to provide our customers with innovation and competitiveness based on Google Cloud Platform. The power of Google Cloud is so great that only your imagination limits the possibilities. Google's advantage is that they have downloaded and indexed all data on the Internet since 1997. And few other companies have invested 255 billion kroner in artificial intelligence and customized hardware for Cloud. 


Computas experiences that customers contact us about Cloud based on two objectives:

  • Streamline operations and reduce IT operations costs
  • Innovation and business development

Independently of the two objectives, we recommend starting out with Cloud Startup Workshop.

Computas Cloud Startup is a workshop aimed at helping customers to understand what lies behind Google Cloud Platform and how to identify opportunities within the customers’ business. With Computas Cloud Startup customers have the opportunity to learn how to set the right scope for projects, define secure Cloud architecture with the right technology components, and explore scenarios and possibilities with prototypes to develop business opportunities.

Computas provides counseling and consulting services in:

  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Migrating applications and data to Cloud
  • Developing true Cloud applications
  • Cloud architecture and security

Do you want to know more?

Call us for an informal chat, or send an email and we will contact you.

Michael Sund