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Usability testing

Many websites are literally counterproductive. The customers are repelled rather than attracted to the sites. We can help you find out if your website makes the customers happy or if it has the opposite effect. 

Did you know that visitors to your website leave in 15-30 seconds if the page does not live up to expectations? A user test allows you to ensure that your web pages are engaging and helpful to the users. It is a known fact that satisfied users mean higher earnings.

Usability tests can be performed in different ways.

We have extensive experience in user testing large and small solutions. We look at usage patterns and flow, and find out where the shoe pinches. Is your website the kind that users avoid? We have three simple and predictable user test packages that can give you the answer:


40 000;

A small test for small to medium size websites. Provides a good indication of opportunities on your website.

  • Actual users
  • On mobile or tablet
  • In the field
  • Quick and simple
  • Analysis and presentation findings
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60 000;

A comprehensive test on various devices. Here you will have the opportunity to participate in the user test with actual users.

  • Actual users
  • On desktop
  • In a lab, with your own observation room
  • Take part as an observer
  • Thorough
  • Analysis and presentation of findings 
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100 000;

A fully customized test for advanced systems. Together we find out which areas we will test.

  • Actual users
  • On mobile
  • On tablet
  • On desktop
  • In a lab, with your own observation room
  • Take part as an observer
  • Thorough and comprehensive
  • Analysis and presentation of findings
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