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Unified Compliance Management System

UCMS gives you good overview and valiuable support in the Compliance-work in your business.Compliance is a process ensuring that the company acts in accordance with its regulatory and operational commitments. To ensure the process it shall be documented and reported to all relevant interested parties – governmental authorities, customers, owners and own organization.


Compliance UCMS gir deg god oversikt og verdifull støtte i Compliancearbeidet til bedriften din.

We help you with

  • Cost reduction
  • Data consolidation
  • Documentation
  • Followup
  • Ensuring overview and control
  • Simple and clear methodology
  • High degree of truth
  • Gathering all compliance data
  • Reporting in one place

How we help you

The volume of conditions that private and public players are exposed to is about to be so comprehensive and time-consuming that, to many, they have become business critical. Demands for complex and costly programs are made, in which one must prove, document and report that operations are in accordance with standards and rules.

In order to gain some benefit from the compliance work, it must be an active and embedded part of the organization's everyday life. For the team to carry out their work in the best possible way, they rely on tools and procedures.

With our system Unified Compliance Management System (UCMS), our methodology and our competency, we ensure simple and solid execution, documentation, reporting and follow-up of your compliance obligations.

From chaos and complexity to a simple and structured compliance process

Chaos - Standardization 

  • One compliance system that gathers all data, documentation and 

          reports for all units and operations in one place.

Confusion - Structured 

  • Ensure overview and good accessibility with a structured and  user-friendly system
  • All data is entered only once and copied further
  • Reuse of requirement specification, documentation, interpretations, experiences and guidelines

Complexity - Simpler

  • Better contorl on reporting and KPI’s

Cost - Sustainability 

  • Resource saving
  • Reduces risk for non-compliance