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Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

People demand more transparency of your business activities. Governments implement more and stricter regulations that your organisation have to follow.

Organisations also take on more social responsibility than ever before. Together with the increasing responsibility you’re expected to answer to an increasing amount of additional certifications and voluntary standards.

Documenting compliance can either be necessary in order to conduct business, or give your organisation a competitive advantage. Either way, you probably need to spend more time and money than before.

We help you with

  • Finding the optimal next step for your GRC functions
  • Identifying quick wins and optimal IT tools
  • Improving your GRC processes with LEAN methodology
  • Assisting with the necessary business transformation
  • Creating tomorrow's GRC solutions
  • Performing a gap analysis
  • Aligning management processes with GRC requirements

How we help you

You might have seen it before: The technological gap between the (often paper-based) GRC system, designed by auditors or law firms, and the functionality in your organisation's current IT platform.

With our insight of regulatory advisory, combined with solid information technology knowhow, we can help you close the gap and increase the business value of your GRC system.

We believe that information technology is not merely an enabler, but rather a driver for business transformation. With this mindset, we can help to transform your business through technology, so you’ll have a good overview and  optimal compliance.

 We can help you: 

  • Reduce Compliance costs by up to 60%
  • Increase the quality of your Risk Management capability
  • Improve Governance accuracy by staying ahead of changes
  • Increase impact of GRC initiatives up to 90%

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Anti -Corruption

Documenting your activities is the main challenge to avoid corruption. We can help you document efficiently and in a credible manner, and we can also help you track movements of funds, goods and expenses as well as training employees to make ethical choices.

Anti corruption, tools and training.

Data privacy

Advisory and technological services to make your business compliant to the strict regulations. We help you get efficient control over privacy and data protection requirements in all business operations, processes and systems. 

Data privacy and efficient control.

Health, Security and Environment (HSE)

Our risk-based approach can help you catch the incidents before they happen. We help you develop HSE documentation and procedures, implement systems for continuous improvement and implement KPIs to reduce risk of incidents. 

Health, Security and Environment (HSE) and tools to work proactively.

Export control and sanctions

We have unique insight and knowledge on how to design your processes to efficiently deal with export control and sanctions, as well as to implement the necessary IT tools, enabling your business to take full control. 

Export control and tools to give you control.

Contract management

Efficiently follow up your contracts to get full oversight of your responsibilities. Manage contractual obligations from capture phase to contract closure, manage recording of information and manage risks and opportunities. 

Contract management and tools to give you full oversight.


Outsourcing your compliance work could be beneficial. Sometimes it's better to focus on your customers rather than internal matters. You can outsource your compliance work to us. We have experience from all aspects of compliance management, from the formation of compliance policy to tailoring reports to the Board of Directors. When it comes to compliance management, we can help you with strategy, personnel, IT systems and revisions. 

Outsourcing of your compliance work.

Unified Compliance Management System

From chaos and complexity to a simple and structured compliance process with our compliance-tool, UCMS.

Unified Compliance Management System

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