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Norwegian National Courts Administration

Skilt av Norges høyesterett. Foto.

The Courts Administration was in great need of modernization in their work with case management. In addition to increasing information security, they wished to enhance work efficiency and reach more goals with the same resources without affecting the quality of the work. 

It was also crucial that the close cooperation with other players in the justice sector should be maintained. The solution should be integrated with the courts' IT portfolio, and not least, be rigged for managing the constant changes that occur in Norwegian legislation. In short, the goal was better service for all parties, players and the public. 


Lovisa (Legal information system) is the daily work tool for judges and case managers in the first and second level courts across the country, and is used in all criminal and civil cases in Norway. Lovisa is a holistic case management solution that supports registering, processing and reporting of all judicial and administration matters. The solution allows the courts to process more cases with the same resources.

The Courts Administration processes claims in a large number of case types with detailed process rules. The solution gives the employees necessary guidelines and knowledge support in all stages of case management, also in highly complex areas of expertise. Lovisa keeps track of all details and documentation in the case process, and of who shall have access to the information. The solution ensures that deadlines are observed and provides the user with support so that legislation is complied with at all times. Lovisa contributes in this way to quality assurance ensuring that Norwegian court cases are carried out without error and unnecessary delay. 

The solution was delivered by Computas on time and has been in production since March 2003. Today, we are responsible for and working regularly with maintenance and further development of Lovisa.

– We are very proud that Lovisa receives international recognition.
Olav Aasen, IT Director for the Courts Administration

The world's best ACM solution

In 2013 the Courts Administration (DA) and Computas won the international award «Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management» (ACM). The prize was awarded in the category «Legal and Courts». In addition, the Courts Administration received «Judges´ Choice Award» for best solution of all nominees for the WfMC Awards for Excellence in Case Management.

What we did

  • Analysis
  • Requirements specification
  • Process modeling
  • Interaction design
  • Graphic Design
  • Solution design
  • Architecture
  • System development
  • Integration
  • Test
  • Test management
  • Project management
  • System maintenance

Quality and efficiency in the courts

FrameSolutions is a specially developed framework precisely for this type of process-oriented workflow with knowledge support. An IT system in an organization like the Courts Administration must take into account and deal with the constant changes in legislation. This is a huge challenge. Whenever there is a new law or a fee change, it must be available and used correctly in all cases affected in short notice. The case management tool must also have support for historical rules in cases where previous legislation must be complied with. FrameSolutions is created to handle changes in regulations and process rapidly and efficiently, so that the solution will have a long life and low maintenance costs.

With such a tool as basis in the design and development phases of the project, we were able to have complete focus on the field specific issues in stead of technical issues. The project team collaborated closely during the whole process with representatives from the Courts Administration as professional experts in order to clarify technical questions and ensure good progress in the project. 

Technology we used

  • Java 7/IntelliJ IDEA
  • FrameSolutions ™
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ™
  • Microsoft BizTalk 2013 Server
  • BEA Weblogic 12 C ™
  • Citrix Metaframe ™

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