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The Norwegian Directorate of Health

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The eSaks project was initiated as part of the health care reimbursement reform when the Norwegian Directorate of Health and HELFO (The Norwegian Health Economics Administration) were to take over parts of the NAV systems (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), and reimbursements were to be made through the Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management. The goal was to gain better control of financial transactions and the possibility to trace these in retrospect.

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Data from eSaks is used in applications for health care reimbursements and in an overview of subsidies.


eSaks is a daily work tool for electronic case management for health  personnel and professionals in the Norwegian health sector. The solution is used by the Directorate of Health, The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Workers (SAK), Health and Social Services Ombudsman (POBO), and HELFO.

eSaks is a large system that meets many needs for various user groups in different professional fields. The goal is to help the different fields to achieve the most efficient case management through automation, quality assurance, and by complying with financial requirements in a simple manner. If you see a doctor or a dentist in Norway or abroad and wish reimbursement of treatment fee, a process for application handling is initiated. eSaks helps to improve efficiency of the process, so the applicants will receive the money faster. eSaks also ensures that approval of health personnel authorization is carried out digitally and more efficiently, which allows for a more expeditious application response. In addition, eSaks has made it much simpler and faster for case workers to work with applications for reimbursement of health services.

eSaks has good user experience and is fast and efficient. In addition, the automation reduces the need for manual work. We had a close cooperation with the professionals at the Directorate of Health and several of the agencies. Along the way, we worked together on location, which made it easier to carry out the project and the testing. As a result of the cooperation, eSaks became a solid solution, the implementation went easier, and the project was delivered on time and budget. In the first phase we were in charge of project management, progress and development, and now, we work as part of a major project program, together with other vendors.

What we did

  • Application architecture
  • Functional specification and design
  • System development
  • Integration with other systems
  • Test and test management
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Application management
  • Maintenance

Simpler and faster case management

The various user groups had individual functionality requirements, while some of the functionalities were of general nature, e.g. lookup in the National Population Register, payments and document archive. We identified the general functionalities and created a common platform for four different user groups. This resulted in lower development costs, as well as easier maintenance. The solution is also flexible, so that new functionalities can easily be added when needed.

The largest modules in eSaks are authorization of health personnel, reimbursement processing and administration of subsidies:

  • All health personnel must have approved authorization from The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Workers, and with eSaks, case workers can process authorization applications directly, without having to add it to the archive and update the register manually. This is possible because eSaks automatically checks personal information, previous authorizations and rights of requisition directly against The Register for Health Workers.

    Every year many students in universities and colleges submit authorization applications, and eSaks enables case workers to process a large number of these authorizations simultaneously. This is very time-saving for the case workers. eSaks is connected to Altinn, the Norwegian public reporting portal, so that applications can be submitted directly.
  • Payment of health care reimbursements is now processed automatically for HELFO. After the applications are registered in the eSaks archive, an automatic letter of decision to NAV is made and sent before the user receives the payment. The solution shall also be able to handle changes in the financial management regulation and the archives act, in order to have a long life span and low maintenance cost.
  • eSaks gradually replaces the current solution for administration of subsidies. The Directorate of Health administers approx. 11 billion NOK in subsidies through around 180 subsidy schemes. In the solution case workers can process applications, report and pay subsidies in accordance with financial management regulations and the archive act.

Technology we used

  • Public360
  • Sharepoint
  • .NET
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SOAP
  • REST

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