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ConocoPhillips is one of the world’s largest oil companies, and the main operator of Ekofisk, the largest field on the Norwegian continental shelf. Drilling is an essential activity for the operation, and ConocoPhillips is continuously seeking to improve its performance. This is an important focus for the company’s development of work practices and ICT infrastructure for Integrated Operations (IO).

Based on our recognized IO records and capabilities, ConocoPhillips awarded us a contract to develop CODIO (Collaborative Decision Making in Integrated Operations). Its goal is to help resolve operational drilling problems quickly and effectively, contribute to lower Non-Productive Time (NPT), and improve Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance.

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Operasjonsoversikt med tid vs dybde. Skjermbilde.

CODIO provides overview and support with several useful panels and tools - from drilling operations to meeting coordination.


CODIO supports problem solving in the drilling process by helping the drilling crew to keep an overview of possibly several ongoing drilling operations, to detect and react to undesirable events, and to decide and implement remedial actions. Its services include:

  • A collaborative platform for drilling operations
  • Operation status displays and dashboards
  • Discussion feeds for rapid knowledge sharing
  • Meeting support and task management
  • Problem resolution and decision support
  • Workspaces for document and information sharing
  • Documenting and tracking of information and decisions

CODIO organizes tools and information in several interactive “collaboration spaces” for specific functions and purposes. Operation, Meeting and Decision spaces are three examples.

What we did

  • Consulting and requirements analysis
  • Decision analysis (with IRIS, International Research Institute of Stavanger)
  • User experience analysis & design
  • Information and process modeling
  • Software design, implementation and testing
  • System deployment and user training

Operation spaces - Situation awareness

Keeps overall status information for one specific drilling operation, and supports interaction within the team in a flexible and transparent manner.

  • One-stop access to all operational data
  • KPIs and graphics for “at-a-glance” info update
  • Community “buzz” keeps everybody up to date

Meeting spaces - Documentation and accountability

A handy tool to quickly record the “who, why, what, and when” of a normal and virtual meetings. Ad hoc and planned/recurrent meetings are inherent in drilling operation workflows.

  • Bring structure to the work situation
  • Document important decisions and tasks
  • Easy search for follow-up, learning and tracing

Decision spaces – Increased performance

Here the decision maker is presented with information regarding a specific operational challenge in order to make a rational choice of what to do. For some selected problem types, CODIO offers tailor-made decision support tools.

  • Find the right solution to the problem quicker
  • Understand risks and tradeoffs better
  • Improve and retain problem solving abilities

Technology we used

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013

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Michael Sund

Account Manager