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113-app for Norwegian Air Ambulance

Skjermbilder på to telefoner. Illustrasjon.

There are around 400,000 holiday homes in Norway. A survey conducted by MMI for the Norwegian Air Ambulance shows that as much as 62 percent of the respondents find it difficult to give directions to the cabin. Very few people have an address registered to their holiday home.


Hjelp 113 GPS is the most important Norwegian Air Ambulance app available to the public. Up until now, more than 450,000 people have installed the app on their iPhone or Android phone. It is of utmost importance to the Norwegian Air Ambulance that the app functions in all situations; in the mountains, in the city or under bad conditions. The app is therefore tested in various locations with both poor and good GPS coverage. Our focus was to create an app that was simple, easy to understand and use.

The app has on numerous occasions been the key to quick and extremely important aid. Quite simply a lifesaving app! Download it today; some day it may rescue someone you care about.

- It's easy to just push a button and give the coordinates to the emergency medical communication centre. They will then be able to focus on giving advice and help instead of focusing on localization.
Geir Arne Mathisen, Pilot with Norwegian Air Ambulance

What we did

  • Project management
  • Interaction design
  • Graphic design
  • iPhone development
  • Android development

The GPS embedded in the mobile phone

Hjelp 113 GPS uses the GPS in the iPhone or the Android phone and will quickly display coordinates and map references. The coordinates remain on the screen while talking to 113, the emergency medical communication center. Give the coordina­tes to the operator, and they will quickly dispatch an ambulance or air ambulance to the right place immediately. 

Technology we used

  • Xamarin 
  • NET/C# 
  • JSON 
  • Eclipse Studio

Do you want to know more?

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Michael Sund

Account Manager