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Corporate Social Responsibility

In general, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of social and environmental considerations beyond those required by law. At Computas, we focus on social responsibility in our company based on the UN Global Compact and its ten principles. We have implemented several measures and processes based on these principles in order to influence society and the environment in a positive way. We attach great importance to being an ethically responsible company.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Computas’ Code of Ethical Conduct was adopted by the board in 2011 and applies to all Group activities. Central to the Code of Ethical Conduct are our core values: creativity, reliability and inclusion.

During 2014 a mandatory e-learning system for training in ethical standards for all employees was established. This is one of several measures to strengthen the employees' understanding and knowledge of the company's ethical guidelines. Activities are also initiated for training and reflection on ethical dilemmas to strengthen efforts that concerns, among others, impartiality and anti-corruption.

The Code of Conduct stresses that Computas has zero tolerance towards all forms of corruption, bribery and other dishonest business conduct. This means that no one is allowed to provide themselves and business partners with unjustified benefits intended to influence own or others’ actions in the service. Employees of Computas should never offer or accept bribery, kickbacks or pay-offs.

Computas encourages all its employees to report possible unacceptable circumstances at the workplace. We have established good internal whistle blowing routines, and we have a contract with an external vendor for handling notifications to ensure expertise, independence and objectivity.

Computas keeps accounts in accordance with Norwegian accounting standards and corporate law. As an employee-owned company, we have a special obligation to refrain from misconduct in our operations. Computas seeks to arrive at its decisions by a responsible process, where relevant viewpoints are heard.


Computas places great emphasis on how we may affect the environment, despite the fact that the external environment, to a lesser degree, is affected by Computas’ business activities. We have therefore implemented several measures that will benefit the environment.

We focus on the use of electronic communication rather than travel and physical meetings. We have a number of meeting rooms that are specifically used for video conferencing, contributing in a positive way to time saving and the environment.

Computas has further acquired two electric cars for our employees to use when going to client meetings and fulfilling other transportation needs in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. This has significantly reduced the use of taxi transportation among our employees. Our employees also have the possibility to charge their own electric cars at the workplace.

We focus strongly on having a healthy purchase policy. This means selecting products and services that are environmentally certified and thereby have low environmental impact.

Our facilities at Lysaker are certified as Green building of the Norwegian Green Building Council. We recycle plastic, cardboard, food waste, discarded mobile phones, IT equipment and other electrical equipment. We have acquired wax printers, which has contributed to reducing waste from printing considerably. We have also reduced the number of physical servers and replaced them with virtual servers, which contributes to environmentally friendly data processing. Our future measures for energy saving is to continue renewing the server park. At the same time, we will continue the trend to virtualize servers, so that we can reduce the number of physical servers to a minimum. A dedicated role as responsible for environment in the company is defined, and Computas has been Eco-Lighthouse certified since 2010.


Many of Computas’ customers play an important part in society. Through our business model and assignments, we contribute in a positive manner to society and its citizens.

Here are some examples:

-       The Norwegian National Courts Administration: Lovisa (Legal Information System) is the daily work tool for judges and case managers in the first and second level courts across the country, and is used in all criminal and civil cases in Norway. The award-winning solution was delivered by Computas in 2003, and the work with maintenance and further development is still regularly on-going. Lovisa contributed to modernizing the case management process, resulting in increased efficiency, and preserving the quality of the work at the same time. Together with expert advice from the Courts Administration, we have developed a good set of tools that helps ensuring that Norwegian court cases are carried out without errors and unnecessary delays.    

-       E-prescription: E-prescription (eResept) is a large and comprehensive project led by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, with many collaboration partners.  Together with the Norwegian Medicines Agency we have realized the wish for a central, national source for all pharmaceuticals information in Norway. The result of this project has been very important in the efforts to agree on a common terminology and standardized drug information for the entire country. In addition, E-prescription has contributed to an easier everyday life for the population, doctors, pharmacies and surgical appliance manufacturers.

-       Police Immigration Services (PU): Together with the Police Immigration Services, Computas has developed UTSYS, a joint case management system covering all the major work processes in PU. This is a system that has approx. 300 daily users, covering needs such as registration of asylum seekers, establishing identity, stay at the immigration detention centre and possible deportation. Important criteria for UTSYS have been efficient case management and high quality, and, at the same time, that each separate case shall be viewed on a correct, individual basis.

-       Norwegian Food Safety Authority: When the different national government inspection services for food, animal health, agriculture and seafood, and local inspection services for food, merged into the current Norwegian Food Safety Authority, it entailed a great need for a new and efficient case management system.  Together with the NFSA, Computas has developed the world’s best case management system; the NFSA Regulatory System (MATS). The solution is used daily by more than 1,200 employees of NFSA, and it covers the entire process from planning to implementation and registration of supervision.

-        Bufdir.no: I 2012 the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) started the work renewing their entire online focus. Fosterhjem.no was first in line, and in cooperation with Computas, a website that was better adapted to user needs was developed. The main objective of the website is to recruit more foster parents, and to provide users with good knowledge, so they can make informed decisions.

Computas supports different charities and organizations with donations. One of the recipients, for example, has been SOS Children's Villages in Bucharest, Romania, where our donation contributes to a dedicated IT training program for children in the village. We also encourage our employees to give donations through payroll deduction to important causes that we support.       

Computas is a company dedicated to encouraging more women to join the world of mathematics and natural sciences, and especially the IT world. We support, among others, Oda Network, which is the leading meeting place for women in the Nordic countries working with IT or in the IT industry. We have also organized programs in secondary schools to stimulate the interest in studying mathematics and natural sciences.

A responsible employer

Work environment

We follow the laws and regulations that apply in working life. This means the right to organize, employee surveys, HSE and competence development for our employees, as well as annual safety inspections.

The working environment in Computas is good, and absence due to illness is consistently low. The ambassador willingness and pride in working for the company is strong. The employee survey from 2014 showed this. Over 96% of the employees answered that they were proud to work at Computas, and that they would recommend Computas as a workplace.

Computas` business activities rely on highly qualified and motivated employees. In order to ensure good competence development among the employees, several internal professional events are organized every year, and a great many of the employees participate in external courses and conferences. Our strong professional focus is visible through 16 professional networks, which organize seminars, coordinate certifications and contribute with professional advice. We also have four all day Computas theme events (Computasdager) per year, which contributes to increasing the level of expertise, and give the employees the opportunity to increase knowledge sharing.

When it comes to the physical working environment, we have a strong focus on ergonomics. Our health promoting measures include arrangements with company health service, doctor, physiotherapist, dentist, fitness centre that all of our employees can use. We also have a treatment guarantee.

To further encourage a good work environment, we have several activity groups in sports, culture, and socially, e.g. soccer, volleyball and reading circles. After the Computas all day event (Computasdagen) four times per year, we organize various social gatherings with all the employees.

Equality and discrimination

At Computes there shall be complete equality between women and men, and there shall be no discrimination. Discrimination based on gender or otherwise (ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, color, language, religion, or life stance) shall not occur.

Today we have women in all roles, and we are very proud of it. The percentage of women in recent years has been above 30, and we strive to maintain this. There has been no breach of our company equality and discrimination policy.

Human rights

We focus on operating in a manner that correlates with UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.